1980 - 2019


South Korean engineer
becomes ill



Mr. Lee begins to cure
himself through
dietary changes



Mr. Lee develops
the first prototype juicer



Mr Lee designs
the first twin gear juicer



Angel corporation established



Angel juicer I (Angela I) produced



Angel models 5500, 7500,
and 8500 CE certified for Europe

The idea for the Angel juicer came from the mind of Moon Hyung Lee, a young South Korean engineer focused on improving health through natural treatment. Lee had struggled with a life-threatening illness, and cured himself through a diet of raw vegetables and brown rice. This led him to study the relationship between food and health, specifically the healing power of living nutrients found in plant tissues. He used his engineering expertise to develop the first juicer in South Korea in the mid-1980s, and eventually perfected this design into the Angel twin gear juicer. The goal was to create a machine that could extract the most nutritional content from the actual fibrous tissue of vegetables, not just from the stems, leaves, and roots. Since then, the design has seen many incremental improvements to become the Angel juicer of today. But Mr. Lee’s philosophy still holds true with every Angel juicer produced – improving the health of people through living nutrients.

You can read more about Mr. Lee’s experiences using juice to treat seemingly “incurable” diseases in his new book “Lifestyle and Incurable Diseases”.