Utilizing two 100% stainless steel gears counter-rotating at extremely fine tolerances, the Angel juicer is able to extract more juice than any other juicer. The combination of low speeds along with Angel’s 3-stage extraction system also means up to 17 times more nutrients can be extracted compared to other machines.

Multi-Stage Extraction

The stainless steel gears are designed to crush produce, and then process them three times for maximum juice and nutrient yield.

Crushing stage:

Produce enters the juicing chamber through the feeding tube, where it is chopped and crushed into very small pieces as it is pulled between the counter-rotating gears.

1. First Extraction:

The crushed pieces are pressed against the juicing screen at a moderate force, creating the initial yield of juice.

2. Second extraction

The squeezed pieces are pressed again with even more force through the large spirals of the gear against the juicing screen.

3. Third extraction:

The finely ground pulp is pressed a third time with even more force through the tight spirals of the gear end, forced against the end of the juicing screen. The resulting pressure breaks down plant fibers to the tissue level, extracting any remaining juice. The dry pulp is expelled through the ejection port.

The patented twin Shattering Helical Gears (SHG) measure over 210mm long and the space between the gears is only 0.1mm. This makes it possible to extract the maximum amount of nutrients by crushing micron-sized particles.

Technology Angel Juicer

Research and Development

  • We are constantly looking for ways to improve our Angel juicers. Our research and development department is continually testing our juicers, looking for ways to increase yield and nutrition even more. We also look for ways to make our juicers easier to use and clean.